Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Top Ten Favorite Moments at the 2014 IFA Convention:

  1. Sunday's Prayer Breakfast - @ChrisConlee "Sustained Focus = Sustained Success"...
  2. ...and his 5 Questions to help figure it out:
    • What are you naturally good at?
    • Historically where have you excelled?
    • Where do you consistently excel at today?
    • What do you do easily that is hard for others?
    • What do you that gives you the most compliments?
  3. Nancy Friedman, @TelephoneDoctor Session - If you are in almost any role in franchising, you need to know the "5 forbidden phrases" and all the rest of her nuggets.
  4. Tweetup - Meeting new friends and catching up with my tweeps
  5. Tech Summit - While being a part of the planning and admittedly #biased, the future is here and several of the leaders in the space spoke and/or lead roundtables.  
  6. FranJam - These sponsoring companies deserve a lot of credit and thanks for funding such a fun event.
  7. Leon Panetta - Exceeded my expectations. "It doesn't matter if you don't fight."  A potential VP candidate 2016??
  8. Cheryl Bachelder/Popeyes  What a great communicator, breaking down the Zor/Zee - multi-stakeholder success model into very clear terms
  9. The nice round of applause our Marketing and Technology Committee gave me Saturday morning as I stepped down from my Vice-Chairman's role with my retirement.
  10. The Photo Booth in the Exhibit Hall.  What can I say?

And two moments I missed that I hear were great:

  1. Mary Thompson's (mkennedythom) Keynote at Saturday's Leadership Conference
  2. Google's Todd Rowe and his Tuesday morning keynote "The Digital Road Ahead". I noted the tweet from @franchising411 - "Google would have to grow 35 times to equal franchising's 2.1 trillion output"
Reflect on what were yours.  Keep to yourself to act on, or please comment here and/or post to FranSocial


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