Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To be a Social Media Expert, some people believe this is all it takes.....

Personally, I'm no expert, however I was LinkedIn member 113,215 (now over 150 million LinkedIn users) and joined Facebook September 26, 2006, the first day it was available without an .edu email address.  I sent my first tweet on June 17, 2007.  As I said as the moderator of the "Twitter Frontier - Harnessing the Power of Social Media While Protecting Your Franchise System" in February at the 52nd annual International Franchise Association's Annual Convention, I like to think I'm more a voice of reason and practicality about social networks than a heavy user and certainly not an "expert"!

Especially as defined above!

Here's a nice piece on what it takes to be a "social media expert":

Well, perhaps, I do fall into that category on 10 of the 12 points - at least when it comes to franchising, franchise development, and Marketing/PR. 

Do you?

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