Sunday, May 13, 2012

I un-liked a brand I love today

Those of you who attended FranCamp 2012 or watched on Ustream saw me say that I really love Dr. Pepper.  Especially the new Dr. Pepper 10.  I'm drinking one right now as I write this.

Today I un-liked Dr. Pepper on Facebook because I just have had it with the number of times they are marketing to me on Facebook right in my newsfeed. 

Do you think this is too much?  8 Posts in the past week.  5 since Friday.

  • Sunday May 13th at 6pm
  • Sunday May 13th at 1030am
  • Saturday May 12th at Midnight
  • Saturday May 12th at 4pm
  • Friday May 11th at 5pm
  • Monday May 7th at 10pm
  • Monday May 7th  at 629pm 
  • Monday May 7th at 1250pm

At least Edgerank appeared to spare me from about 8 MORE posts that are on their Brand Page that didn't make it into my newsfeed.

I know you've paid a lot of money to be a promotional partner to the Avengers movie that opened earlier this month, but I don't care!

I'll still love the product but I'm not liking this at all!


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