Sunday, April 19, 2009

OK, So there's LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook - Now what?

I had dinner Friday Night with some very close friends/co-workers who know my passion for new technology but aren't very focused on it themselves. I found myself in a discussion about social media, specifically LinkedIn, Twitter & lastly Facebook. Wanting to learn more, they asked me if I'd do a "class" on how to "productively" use LinkedIn and help them understand why Twitter has become a phenomenon (the noise about @aplusk vs. @CNN has bubbled it up to the mainstream this week).

It got me thinking about other friends & co-workers who have casually sought my help in the past & might want some instruction on how to use these new social tools. Sure, if you troll the Internet enough, you will find lots of suggestions, how-to's, tips, tricks, etc. But, how do you filter it down to a level that is relevant for US -- i.e. "seasoned" adults, parents & professionals - who aren't digitally savvy or have the time to get there - but want to learn?

So I'm thinking there's an opportunity for me to share what I know and help friends and colleagues translate this new technology into usage that is truly valuable.

If you think so too, would you mind giving me some input. Either complete this quick 10 question survey, or leave me a comment.

Thank you!



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