Friday, April 3, 2009

News of the Week - What does it all mean?

I found the news of the week to really be a sign of the times....

  • 1 million Skype iPhone application downloads in 48 hours - story
  • The parent company of Verizon's Yellow Pages, Idearc, files for voluntary bankruptcy
  • President Obama gave the Queen of England an iPod
  • Twitter's co-founder, Biz Stone, appeared on the Colbert Report
  • Google's making money from Twitter & rumored to want to buy it.
  • 56% of the opening weekend box office revenue of Aliens vs. Monsters came from theatres showing it in 3-D - costing $2-4 more per ticket - story
  • 45% drop in tech job availability on tech job board - - story
  • The Boston Globe threatens to shut down
And lastly, to round out the week, Robert Reich, posts a blog after the March unemployment numbers were released suggesting unemployed and underemployed is now 1 in 6 Americans and we are in a depression (albeit not nearly the "Great Depression").

I'm not sure yet what it all means but it's surely a clear indication of massive change we, and our children, need to aggressively deal with!


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