Saturday, June 15, 2013

My New Car gets 47 MPGs

In mid- April I took delivery of a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. It's advertised to get 47 Miles to the Gallon. 47 MPGs! Are you kidding me. There is no way!!

But that's what the 100% non-ethanol, flat test track, no air conditioning running, EPA-tested rating says that the Fusion Hybrid should get both city & highway.

I'm not getting 47 MPGs....

but despite that, I'm thrilled with the vehicle and would highly recommend most people.....but not everyone.

 Here's why I'm thrilled not be getting the 47 MPGs:
  • I never expected to get 47 MPG. 
  • I don't drive on a flat test track
  • My gasoline has 5% ethanol in it 
  • And I live in Florida! Air Conditioning is a way of life at least half the year. 

I am averaging over 40 MPG and for a car this size, I'm well ahead of the pack. I can drive 16 miles to work in the morning and use a seemingly thimble full of gas. The route I take averages 45 MPG. This morning I was able to get over 50 MPG.

But, you have to work it.   There are guages on the dashboard that help you manage the use of the 2 electric batteries on board, which recharge when you brake and from the gas engine.  You can't floor it or speed up to a stoplight and brake.  You have to essentially drive at or near the speed limit and manage your foot and the accelerator.

So now I drive more like my grandfather and see more tail lights passing me than I'm used to, but I so much am enjoying the drive, the car and the scenery.  To the best of my calculations I now arrive at my destination 5 or so minutes later than I used to.  And I'm enjoying a nice calm driving experience.

I have 2500 miles on it so far

Listen, driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid, with the Microsoft MyTouch dashboard command center and it's 8" video screen, the EV guages and the 12 speaker Sony sound system, is an amzing joy.  Having owned Lexus, Infinity & Mercedes, I must commend Ford for what they have created and if you are looking for a fuel efficient, amanzingly inexpensive, well built amazing new car, I can't recommend the Fusion Hybrid any more adamantly. 

You won't get 47 MPGs consistently, but you will love this ride!


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