Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time of the year to reflect on things.   As an early adopter of technology (still have my original MacIntosh from 1984), I'm thinking of the early adopter things I DON'T do anymore:

  1. Download and manage podcasts in iTunes - Now I just subscribe and listen to them on Stitcher Radio.
  2. Manage my music in iTunes - Now I listen to my music and music I don't own on Spotify, Google Music, Pandora and iHeartradio.
  3. Read and manage my RSS feeds through Google Reader - now i use Flipboard, Pulse, and Google Currents.
  4. Try to keep up with Twitter - I still will use Hootsuite but find integrating into Flipboard a much better experience.  Same with Facebook and LinkedIn.
  5. Try to get my email to Inbox Zero - Impossible! 
  6. Search the web for interesting things to read - I let my curators do that for me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, & Google+ and then read it in Flipboard etc.
  7. Read Techcrunch - I get the headlines of all the Techcrunch stories every morning on Stitcher.
  8. In my car, plug my iPhone into my factory-installed iPhone adapter in the glove box.  I just plug my iPhone in through an RCA cable so I can still access it (at red lights).
  9. Listen to XM/Sirius in the car - See above.  
  10. Download music to the car's hard drive - Ditto above.

How about you?


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